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Books published

Ferrari Fever
by Paul Schouwenburg

Ferrari Fever presented at Retromobile 2014: edited the entire 160000 word text for 6 months in 2012, advised the author on the removal of redundant sections, emphasizing others and adding a chapter on his career as a neuro-surgeon, advised him during the entire photo selection process (hundreds chosen from thousands), arranged agreement between author and Eau Rouge Publishing for publication and obtained the consent of world famous musician and car collector Nick Mason to write the foreword.

Book of the month in Octane Magazine UK 2014

Book of the month in Classic & Sportscar magazine 2014

Excellent review in Veloce Today USA.

Maserati the Citroën years 1968-1975
Eau Rouge Publishing

Eau Rouge Publishing, 156000 words, 510 pages, published January 2013, presented at Retromobile 2013.

Finalist for the 2013 IHMA book award.
Book of the month in Octane Magazine UK May 2013.
Book of the month in Classic cars Magazine UK May 20013.
Book of the month in French magazine Youngtimers.
Highly positive review in Classic & Sports Car labelling it the definitive book on the subject.
Highly positive review in the UK Maserati club publication Trident as well as a number of others.

The definitive tome on that era with numerous exclusive and first ever interviews, ground breaking research on a great number of topics within, clarifying, defining an era that had been mired in vague half truths due to astoundingly limited prior research.

Rebel rebel Breadvan, with Keith Bluemel
Published April 2010, Parker House Publishing.

Very good reviews. The definitive in depth story of the one off Ferrari 250 GT SWB “Breadvan” of Count Volpi, its life tribulations, the characters who raced and owned it. More than 20 exclusive interviews, The car’s history researched in minute detail, never before seen archive photos sourced, Breadvan test driven in 2000 and raced at Le Mans Classic in 2008 by the author.


A vision in the forest.
MusAnna Publishing. Written 2011-2012, printed January 2013.

Medieval romance and war novel (written and revised only on Sunday mornings), Private issue not for sale unless feedback warrants it. My first ever work of fiction. Purpose: the intense pleasure of writing it, gaining feedback, learning the ropes of fiction to diversify. feedback very promising, text now rewritten due to be edited by a professional fiction specialist and then to be published as an E book.

June 2015 publication as E book/and print on demand, Albarraque Publishing, an imprint of Eau Rouge Publishing

Books in gestation:

De Tomaso Mangusta
Co-author Doug Blair, Eau Rouge Publishing

The complete fully detailed definitive research on this forgotten model with rare archive documents, photos and exclusive unprecedented interviews, test drive, car by car register due out 2016.

The future:

After the above is completed other specialized automotive books will be produced: several truly worthy possible titles are being discussed with Eau Rouge Publishing.

A key activity sector will be, as was done for Dr. Paul Schouwenburg, assisting major collectors with books combining their autobiographies and a presentation of their collection from A to Z in a bespoke manner, bringing a special touch to ensure that each is all it could be to the fullest. There can be no standard modus operandi for such books because just as each individual is different, what he or she may expect from an autobiography is unique. Using the highest standards of writing, ghost writing or editing of an existing text the books are illustrated with a selection of the best personal archive photos of the family, photos sourced elsewhere and specially commissioned photo shoots by the finest, most visionary photographers including innovative portraits and car to car photos of the vehicles in motion. The most important component of such a book is of course an extensive in depth text. Civilisation is about text and in these shallow times when superficiality is ever more in evidence the foundation of culture is books and what matters most in them is not photos. They are secondary. Text is a pillar of civilization and essential in such a book. Assisting a collector no matter how busy in producing this text without straining his or her schedule is a key advantage I offer. It does take a commitment yes but text can be: ghost written, written by the subject and edited/audio recorded in person or on the phone at whatever hours suit the subject.


After “A vision in the forest”, a distinct full length novel for publication will follow, aimed at a developing trend of addressing several niche markets –romance/spy thriller/food/travel and yes with a partial automotive element-.

Other past book work delivered ready but not published by co-author:

Lamborghini Miura 360° as contracted co author –not ghost writer- with Simon Kidston whose dream it was to author a Miura book.

In 2007-2008 I carried out 100% of the book work, 157000 words of research and interviews in four languages, sourced and indexed hundreds of archive and recent photos –including obtaining the holy grail: the Lamborghini factory’s complete photo archive from Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann in person- all to the uncompromising standards of my other books and articles. Material delivered to SK April 2, 2008 for which he duly paid me but the book never got published…

After waiting for the ever busy SK for over four years final settlement for non publication damages reached and paid by him to me December 2012: the book rights then became 100% SK’s with best wishes.

Auction catalog biographies 1998-2016 for:


2000: Special additional Pebble Beach catalog for the most expensive car sold at auction worldwide that year: Ferrari 330 P3 #0844 (5,5MUS$)

1998: Ferrari 712P extensive biography, New York Tarrytown auction.

Bonhams (and formerly known as Brooks)

Numerous Ferraris and Maserati catalog biographies since 2000 such as the Maserati Khamsin AM120US1142 at the Grand Palais, Paris auction and the Maserati Mexico Frua sold at the Chantilly France 2015 auction.

RM Auctions

2007 Ferrari Nembo spyder #1777 for the Battersea London auction.

2010 Maserati Birdcage Monaco catalog biography with interview of former owner Lord Hesketh


2016: Maserati Khamsin #AM120US1242 catalog biography

Articles published

Mostly comprehensive research articles, event reports for 19 magazines from 1992 to 2016 in the UK, USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Japan.


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